The Most Misspelled Word of 2020 was “Quarantine”

We saw a list last week of the #1 word each state is having trouble spelling so far this year…

The funniest takeaway was probably that people in Colorado can’t spell “Colorado”.  But 2020 was a whole other beast, and a different word stood out.

According to a new report, the most misspelled word last year was . . . “QUARANTINE.”  It was the most googled “how to spell” search in 12 different states.  A lot of people thought it was spelled “CORN TEEN.”

Other words we had trouble with last year include “coronavirus” . . .  “favorite” . . . “every” . . . “believe” . . . “definitely” . . . “separate” . . . and “which.”  As in “Which of those words do YOU have trouble with?”



(Here’s a map of the top word in all 50 states last year.)