The Celeb Web – Bille Goes Not Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Our favorite entertainers and celebrities are busy these days.  Good thing they leave nothing back on

social media.  Here’s what they’re up to today…

1.  On a day when most people dye their hair green, BILLIE EILISH went in the opposite direction . . . going from green to blonde.  It might be part of some project she’s working on because she posted a video of herself in a button-down sweater, set to some old-timey big band music.

Instagram via @billieeilish

2.  LIZZO paid tribute to her father, on the 12th anniversary of his death.

3.  Here’s some Irish spirit for you:  KRISTEN BELL adopted a three-legged dog named Whiskey.

4.  AWKWAFINA and KELLY RIPA also adopted dogs.

5.  RONDA ROUSEY got tattoos to commemorate all her MMA wins.  She skipped the losses, though.

6.  KURT RUSSELL got birthday love from GOLDIE HAWN and KATE HUDSON.