The Celeb Web – How is Jennifer Lopez 50?!?!

Our favorite entertainers and celebrities are busy these days.  Good thing they leave nothing back on

social media.  Here’s what they’re up to today…

1.  This may be one of the greatest JIM CARREY look-alikes and sound-alikes I’ve ever seen . . . and it’s a woman.

2.  After a British tabloid printed a shirtless picture of JONAH HILL, he posted an Instagram message to all the kids who are afraid to take their shirts off in the pool.  He said, quote, “Have fun.  You’re wonderful and awesome and perfect.  All my love.”


3.  So, here’s CHELSEA HANDLER drinking, smoking, and skiing all at the same time.  Naked.


4.  DEMI LOVATO keeps going shorter with her hair.


5.  At this moment, I hate ALEX RODRIGUEZ more than I’ve ever hated any man in the history of the world.

Instagram via @jlo

6.  ICE CUBE is mad because Warner Brothers doesn’t want to make more Friday” movies.


7.  Check out this “supercut” of typewriters in film and TV.