STUPID CRIMINAL: Flat-Earther Screams Nonsense at Kids


A  on a Playground


HIGHLIGHTS:  A prominent flat-Earther was arrested in South Carolina the other day after walking up to an elementary school playground and badgering little kids with his flat-Earth nonsense.

FULL STORY: It’s a free country, and you can believe whatever you want . . . until you start badgering kids about it on school grounds.

34-year-old Nathan Thompson is a prominent flat-Earther.  He was featured in the Netflix documentary “Behind the Curve”.  (You might remember him as the guy who bounces ping pong balls on hammers to sharpen his mind.)

And he just got arrested in South Carolina for screaming his flat-Earth nonsense at a bunch of elementary school kids on a playground.

He walked up during recess last Thursday, yelled the Earth is flat . . . that outer space doesn’t exist . . . and tried to hand out flyers while live-streaming it all on YouTube.

Teachers immediately moved kids away from the area and told him to leave.  But he just yelled louder.

He finally left about two minutes later, and was pretty pleased with himself . . . even though you could clearly hear at least one person call him crazy.

Police caught up with him later on and arrested him for disorderly conduct.  He’s due in court later this month.

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