Stores Are Locking Their Ice Cream to Protect Themselves from Lickers

I’m begging you:  Just leave the ice cream alone.  This CAN’T be the big trend of the summer.

There’s been a run lately of people going viral for LICKING ice cream at a store then putting it back in the freezer.

So now, apparently, some stores are LOCKING their ice cream freezers so they’re not the next victims.  People have been tweeting photos from stores with locks on their freezers, with signs like “Please see employee for help.”

If this all feels vaguely familiar, it’s kind of like what happened during the Tide Pod Challenge . . . where some stores started locking up their Tide Pods to keep dummies from buying and eating them.

(And in today’s “ice cream tamperer of the day” story, a woman who owns a small grocery store in Florida was arrested for tampering with the ice cream at the store next door, including spitting, picking her nose, and peeing into it.)