Simple Math Trick to For Percentages Is Blowing People’s Minds

If I asked you to tell me what 16% of 25 is, you’d almost definitely pull up the calculator on your phone.  I would.


Which is why a simple math trick that was just posted on Reddit is blowing people’s minds.  And it is:  Percentages are reversible.


So, 16% of 25 is the same thing as 25% of 16.  The second one is a lot easier to figure out . . . it’s four.  I can do that in my head.


Now, the trick isn’t great for numbers where you can’t do either percentage in your head . . . like 17% of 39 or 39% of 17.  (It’s 6.63.)  But for lots and lots of other numbers, it’s a good trick.


(Yahoo News)