UPDATE: COVID vaccine for young kids by June 21

WASHINGTON D.C. (ADAMS) – More kids could be protected from coronavirus this month.

The White House gave a date of June 21st if the FDA approves the first vaccine for children under five.

An advisory committee is meeting the week before to consider Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines for that age group. A decision is expected soon after and then it’ll be up to the CDC to sign off.

Moderna is also hoping to get the okay on doses for children six through 17.

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(ADAMS) – The first COVID vaccine for kids as young as six months old could be approved in just two weeks. That’s when an FDA committee will meet to discuss Pfizer’s request.

The company says three doses are safe and offer strong protection. In fact, trial results show the vaccine produced a similar immune response as two doses in 16-to-25-year-olds.

The FDA will also consider Moderna’s vaccine for the same age group and children six through 17.

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