The Latest – NBC News: Traffic moving again on I-95

Traffic is moving again in Virginia after a massive snowstorm left drivers stranded for 12 hours. Crews towed the last cars left on Interstate 95 last night and then removed all the snow before reopening lanes in both directions. The highway shut down amid a 40-mile backup, leaving troopers to deliver water, food and blankets as hundreds were stuck in the freezing weather. Drivers are still told to stay off the road as it remains hazardous in three counties.

While several events are planned for tomorrow to mark one year since the Capitol was attacked. That includes a moment of silence, comments from President Biden and Vice President Harris, and a prayer vigil. Some lawmakers will also be sharing their experiences from that day in a panel discussion. They were forced to evacuate or hide as a mob crashed through doors and windows to stop election results from being certified.

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