The Latest – NBC News: Fauci says most will get Omicron

The top expert on coronavirus is warning just about everybody will get infected at some point. But Dr. Anthony Fauci points out those who are vaccinated and boosted will most likely escape severe symptoms. He made the comments after testifying at a Senate hearing, where he hit back at two Republicans. He told Senator Rand Paul he had received death threats because of his false claims. He also called Senator Roger Marshall a moron while being questioned about his finances.

While the White House is bracing for what’s expected to be another brutal inflation report. Experts predict inflation will be at seven percent when the consumer price index for December comes out this morning. The number for November was six-point-eight percent, the highest since 1982. The new report comes amid surging prices and more empty shelves as economies continue to emerge from the crippling effects of the pandemic.

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