98.6 Isn’t the Average Body Temperature . . . It’s 97.7?

When your kid claims they’re too sick to go to school, and their temperature is something like 99.2, they still might be LYING.  According to a new study, our average body temperature fluctuates a LOT.  And a low-grade fever might not be a fever at all.

The whole 98.6 thing is based on a study from 150 years ago.  And the new study found the average temperature is really 97.7 degrees.  But slightly over 99 can be perfectly normal too, especially in kids.

In general, they run hotter than adults, and women run hotter than men.  And it also depends on what TIME you check your temperature.  If your kid is at 99.1 early in the morning, they might be sick.  But if it’s mid-day, they might be fine.  If it’s hovering around 99.5 or higher though, they probably ARE sick.