Reba McEntire’s Advice on What It Takes to Make it in Country

I bet there’s someone listening right now who’s thinking they’d like to be a country star.  But how do you do that . . . other than moving to Nashville.  According to REBA MCENTIRE, you give up your life.

She’s seen her share of people who say they want success, but they don’t do everything it takes to get there.

It came up during an interview with “PBS NewsHour”.  Quote, “You have to stay away from home a lot.  You have to leave your kids home with a nanny.

“You have to say no to a lot of great things that you would get to do at home and with family.  Like missing your kid’s championship hockey game.  You can’t be there because you’re shooting a movie in L.A.  A lot of that stuff.”

Yes, she has regrets about the things she missed, but she also knows that’s what she had to do.  Quote, “You can’t look back.  You can’t live on regrets.”