New warning signals activated in Grant County

GRANT COUNTY, Ind. (ADAMS) – Drivers in Grant County will be the second in Northeast Indiana to utilize one of INDOT’s new Intersection Conflict Warning Systems (ICWS).

The ICWS will be activated at the intersection of S.R. 26/C.R. 900 S at S.R. 26/C.R. 950 E on Monday, February 22 at noon, weather permitting.

The primary feature of the ICWS is an added alert for drivers to raise awareness of approaching traffic at two-way stop-controlled intersections. The ICWS uses vehicle detectors under the pavement with fixed and variable messages in signing along with flashing lights to notify drivers on both roads whether there is an approaching or waiting vehicle. The system includes signs and flashing amber warning lights that provide drivers with a real-time warning of vehicles either approaching the intersection on the major road or waiting at the stop sign to enter the intersection from the minor road.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, Intersection Conflict Warning Systems can reduce severe crashes at intersections by 20 to 30 percent.

Drivers should still use caution when traveling through the intersection and obey all posted traffic signs.

Learn more about the ICWS.