Abortion doctor testifies in lawsuit against Indiana AG

UPDATE (November 22, 2022):

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (ADAMS) – An Indiana abortion doctor is testifying as part of her lawsuit against Attorney General Todd Rokita.

Dr. Caitlin Bernard is suing to prevent Rokita from accessing medical records for a 10-year-old from Ohio who received abortion services from Bernard this year.

Dr. Bernard took the stand in Marion Superior Court Monday, as did Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Katie Melnick. The judge is expected to review the testimony and make a final decision by next week.

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Attorney General Todd Rokita issued the following statement regarding Dr. Caitlin Bernard case:

“This is what was said in court and in our filed paperwork:

If the doctor did not choose to use her patient, a 10-year-old rape victim, to further her own political agenda, we would not be here today.

There is no defensible reason for this doctor to shatter her 10-year-old patient’s trust by divulging her abortion procedure to a reporter so her traumatizing experience could be used in the polarizing abortion debate on the heels of Dobbs.

The evidence strongly suggests that the doctor violated the mandatory reporting law, which required her to immediately report the child’s abuse to Indiana authorities.

Only by reporting to Indiana authorities immediately, as called for by statute, might the little girl have been spared from potentially being sent back to her perpetrator.

This doctor demands immunity from all scrutiny, but her remedy is before the Medical Licensing Board, not an injunction from this Court.

We believe she has failed to carry her burden of proof and that the Office of the Attorney General should be free to continue its statutory duty to hold physicians and other practitioners to the standards of the law. ”



INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (ADAMS) -The doctor who performed an abortion on a ten-year-old rape victim from Ohio is suing to stop Indiana’s attorney general from accessing medical records.

The lawsuit filed by Dr. Caitlin Bernard and her medical partner claims Attorney General Todd Rokita is sending subpoenas for medical records of patients who never filed complaints to the AG’s office.

They want an Indiana court to stop the investigation, saying his actions violate a number of Indiana’s statutes. They claim the AG’s investigation is based on what they called “frivolous” consumer complaints.

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Todd Rokita’s office released the following statement:

“By statutory obligation, we investigate thousands of potential licensing, privacy, and other violations a year. A majority of the complaints we receive are, in fact, from nonpatients. Any investigations that arise as a result of potential violations are handled in a uniform manner and narrowly focused. We will discuss this particular matter further through the judicial filings we make.”