“Hustler” Founder Larry Flynt Has Died

Larry Flynt passes away at the age of 78 (Reported by the Hollywood Reporter via Twitter)

“Hustler” magazine founder and First Amendment crusader LARRY FLYNT died yesterday, from what his manager called a “sudden illness.”  He was 78 years old.

Flynt launched “Hustler” in 1974, to focus on an area that “Playboy” was overlooking.  In a 2011 interview, he said, quote, “I was always interested in the crotch.”

He’d been confined to a wheelchair since 1978 when he was shot outside a courthouse while fighting an obscenity charge.  But the shooter wasn’t a moral crusader.

Although never charged for the shooting, a white supremacist named Joseph Paul Franklin later admitted to it, saying he was triggered by an interracial photo spread in the magazine.

Larry’s free-speech battles were made into a 1996 movie called “The People vs. Larry Flynt”, starring WOODY HARRELSON as Larry, and COURTNEY LOVE as his fourth wife, ALTHEA LEASURE.

The main focus of the film was the libel lawsuit filed against him by televangelist JERRY FALWELL, which he WON after taking it all the way to the Supreme Court.

(Hollywood Reporter)