How Do You Know When It’s Time to Break Up?

Breakups are no fun, but they’re sometimes inevitable. How should you decide to end things or to soldier on?

A 2018 study found making a list of pros and cons could help, or you could look at what’s called the investment model.

This model takes three factors into account that equally contribute to whether people stay committed – relationship satisfaction, investments into the relationship that would be lost (financial but also children, friends, etc.), and lastly quality of alternatives (sources of fulfillment outside of the relationship) – but these aren’t always easy to determine.

The experts say if you find yourself pondering a breakup, try to think objectively about what’s good about your relationship, but also consider whether you’re staying due to fear.

And if you find yourself single this holiday season, take solace in friends and family, as support is important, and also think of everything you learned from the relationship.