Here Are the Best and Worst Cities for Single Men and Women

If you’re single, it’s time to move to upstate New York.  Or Wisconsin.  How’s Wisconsin sound?


A new study by LendingTree found the best cities for single men and women.  They ranked the 100 biggest cities by things like the number of single people, job prospects, ability to live a healthy lifestyle, and cultural and entertainment options.


And the number one city for both single men and women is . . . Madison, Wisconsin.


The other cities that scored in the top 10 for both are:  Bridgeport, Connecticut . . . Syracuse, New York . . . Rochester, New York . . . Hartford, Connecticut . . . Albany, New York . . . and Boston.


The worst city for single men is Memphis, Tennessee . . . that’s third-worst for women.  The worst city for women is Bakersfield, California . . . that’s third-worst for men.


The other cities that made the top 10 worst list for both are:  Stockton, California . . . McAllen, Texas . . . and Houston.




(Here are the full rankings of all 100 cities for men and women.)