Fun Facts and Strange News

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler.

– Albert Einstein, Edgar Allan Poe, Jesse James, H.G. Wells, and Charles Darwin all married their first cousins.


–  The 37 NFL players with the most points in their careers are all kickers.  The 38th highest scoring player is Jerry Rice, who was a wide receiver.


–  “Lawrence of Arabia” is over 220 minutes long and doesn’t have a single line of dialogue spoken by a woman.


–  The island of Puerto Rico was originally called San Juan Bautista, and the main city was called Puerto Rico.  But eventually, those switched . . . the island became Puerto Rico and the main city became San Juan.


–  Bananas contain about 450 milligrams of potassium . . . and about .01% of it is RADIOACTIVE.  So, if you managed to eat 150 trillion bananas in one sitting, you’d die from radiation poisoning.


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Strange and trending news:

– A new survey found the top “how to” video searches so far this year.  And the list includes how to use new software, like Zoom . . . how to make a face mask . . . and how to cut hair.  (Full Story)


–  It’s National Junk Food Day, so the website looked at Google stats to find the most popular snack in all 50 states.  Not surprisingly, the big winners are chips, cookies, and candy bars.  (Full Story)


–  Someone asked bosses to name the most ridiculous reasons they’ve rejected someone for a job.  Highlights include a guy who started bleeding because he forgot to take the pins out of his new dress shirt.  And a woman who asked, “Does this place have a policy on drugs?  Because I like to have fun on the weekends.”  (Full Story)


–  If time travel existed, would you rather visit the past or the future?  Two-thirds of us say the past.  (Full Story)


–  A new survey found one in seven men are turned on by Alexa’s voice.  (Full Story)


–  Someone in Colombia hollowed out 500 coffee beans, refilled them with cocaine, and tried to mail them to Italy.  But police realized the package was suspicious because the name on the address was a character from “John Wick:  Chapter 2”.  (Full Story)


–  Bars in New York have to serve food with alcohol now, so they’re trying to get around it by offering tiny portions.  (Full Story)