Does C-3PO “Die” in the New “Star Wars” Movie? 

A new trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” hit YouTube yesterday, and fans are FREAKING OUT . . . because it looks like a very popular character is going to bite the dust.


There’s a scene where some little welding droid is doing work on the back of C-3PO’s head, and Poe Dameron asks, quote, “What are you doing there, Threepio?”


And he replies, quote, “Taking one last look, sir, at my friends.”


Rey and Finn are in the room, too, and they look pretty emotional.  R2D2 has a little mini-fit and has to be comforted by C-3PO . . . and Chewbacca lets out a sad roar.


So, does C-3PO die . . . or whatever the robot equivalent of death is?  Something tells me the fact that they’re showing this scene means he DOESN’T die.   Then again, this IS the end of the so-called “Skywalker Saga”.


And they’ve already killed off Han and Luke.  Is Threepio any more important than them?


But if you think about it, they still need to give CARRIE FISHER a proper send off since she died before filming even began on this movie.  So maybe a sacrifice from Threepio is how they’ll resolve the emotional impact of Leia’s storyline as well.


(Fun Fact:  Anthony Daniels, the guy who plays C-3PO, is the only actor who’s been in all nine movies in the Skywalker Saga.)