Do You Keep Your Glasses on When You’re Having Sex?

When you’re taking everything off to have sex, are you really taking EVERYTHING off?


A new survey dug deep into whether people who wear GLASSES take them off before sex.  And here’s what it found . . .


  1. 61% of people pretty much always take their glasses off . . . but 10% always leave them ON.


  1. The main reasons people leave them on are so they can see their partner’s face . . . so they aren’t awkwardly fumbling around blind . . . and so they don’t have to struggle to hunt them down afterward.


  1. 40% of people who wear glasses when they’re getting-it-on have had them fall off during sex . . . and 40% have had their glasses steam up.


  1. And finally, one in five people say they’ve been with someone who was TURNED ON by glasses.


(SWNS Digital)