Chiefs Player Says Brady Called Him “Something He Won’t Repeat”

Twitter via @NFL UK

TOM BRADY and Kansas City Chiefs defensive back TYRANN MATHIEU got into several verbal altercations during the Super Bowl on Sunday.  It’s unclear what was said, but Brady MAY have crossed a line.

After the game, Mathieu said, quote, “Tom Brady’s a great quarterback.  [But] I never really saw that side of [him], to be honest.  But whatever.  No comment.  It’s over with.  I’m done with it.”

On Twitter, he added, quote, “He called me something I won’t repeat,” and added, quote, “But yeah, I’ll let all the media throw me under the bus as if I did something or said something to him . . . go back to my previous games against [Brady] . . .

“I showed him nothing but respect . . . I show grace.”

That may be true, but Mathieu provoked Brady when he ran up to him, shouted something, and pointed a finger in his face.  After that, Brady chased him down and jawed at him.

Mathieu didn’t say what Brady called him . . . but it seems like it was something offensive, or he wouldn’t have made a point of saying that he wouldn’t repeat it.

For the record, sources say it was NOT a racist comment.

In any event, Brady reportedly texted Mathieu to apologize after the game . . . saying that his outbursts came “in an emotional moment [and] were in no way a reflection on his feelings toward [him].”

Brady called Mathieu the “ultimate competitor,” an “incredible leader, champion and class act.”  He also said that he wants to apologize in person sometime.

Mathieu has since deleted the Tweet, and neither of them have said anything else about it publicly.


(Here’s video of Mathieu waving his finger, video of Brady chasing him down, and another video of them going at it.)