Fun Facts and Strange News

Marilyn was, in fact, smarter than Einstein…

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler…

Fun (and not-so-fun) facts:  

  • For almost all of the 1800s, maps of Africa had a mountain range called the Mountains of Kong . . . which didn’t actually exist. They still even show up once in a while on modern maps . . . an atlas from 1995 even had them.


  • The original definition of “weird” was “having the power to control the fate or destiny of human beings.”


  • Marilyn Monroe had an IQ of 163 . . . Albert Einstein’s IQ was 160.


  • Harry S. Truman, Michael J. Fox, and Ulysses S. Grant all have middle initials that don’t stand for anything. In Michael J. Fox’s case, his real middle name was Andrew.  He went with “J” to distinguish himself from a guy already in the Screen Actors Guild.


  • The United States is one of the few countries that drink milk cold.  Most other countries use a different method of pasteurization that keeps milk good even when it’s not refrigerated, and they like drinking it at room temperature.


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Strange and trending news:

  • A radio jock in St. Louis was let go by his station less than a week after getting their logo tattooed on his arm.  (Full Story)


  • A mattress company is going to hire five people for $1,500 each to nap every day for 30 days.  (Full Story)


  • People are buying business clothes again now that offices are starting to open up.  (Full Story)


  • The police in Nova Scotia, Canada got a call about someone violating Covid lockdown by sitting in a restaurant . . . it turned out to be a mannequin.  (Full Story)


  • Police in the U.K. arrested a guy after a very slow speed boat chase through a canal . . . the boat’s top speed was four miles-per-hour.  (Full Story)


  • Chocolate Dunkaroos are coming back in July.  (Full Story)


  • A mom influencer in California is facing up to a year in jail after she made up a story that a Latino couple tried to kidnap her children.  (Full Story)