Fun Facts and Strange News

So…” partly cloudy” and “mostly sunny” are the same????

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler…

Fun (and not-so-fun) facts: 

  • Reno, Nevada is named after the FATHER of the man who invented the first working escalator.

  • Walt Disney’s last words were “Kurt Russell.”  He lost the ability to speak, so he wrote them on a piece of paper.  He was probably thinking of movie ideas since Russell had just signed a 10-year contract with Disney.

  • George R.R. Martin isn’t flashy with the millions of dollars he’s made from writing “Game of Thrones”.  But he DID buy two houses on the same street in Santa Fe, New Mexico:  One to live in, and one to hold all his toys and collectibles.

  • The Little Red-Haired Girl . . . Charlie Brown’s unattainable crush . . . was based off a woman that Charles Schulz briefly dated, but who ultimately married a different guy.

  • “Partly cloudy” and “mostly sunny” mean the exact same thing in a weather report:  26% to 50% cloud cover.

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Strange and trending news:

  • The British tabloids say that a recent Loch Ness Monster sighting just turned out to be an ALPACA going for a swim.  The photos are amusing . . . but it’s unclear if anyone ACTUALLY thought it was Nessie.  (Full Story)

  • A woman in Alabama who’s facing meth charges was wearing a Walter White “Breaking Bad” t-shirt when she was arrested.  (Full Story)

  • A man was bailed out of jail in Florida after being arrested for DUI on Sunday . . . and he immediately tried to break into three sheriff’s office vehicles.  He later told deputies he thought his keys were in the vehicles, but that wasn’t an excuse.  He was arrested on three charges of auto burglary.  (Full Story)

  • A woman in Florida is facing a domestic assault charge after allegedly throwing a raw steak at her partner during a confrontation on Sunday night.  Thankfully, even though the steak was considered a “weapon,” it didn’t hit the guy she threw it at, so he’s okay.  (Full Story)

  • There’s a blood shortage in New York City . . . so officials are partnering with more than 25 local breweries to do a “beer for blood” blood drive.  (Full Story)

  • A waterpark in Missouri had to close . . . due to flooding damage.  (Full Story)

  • According to new research, rainwater almost everywhere on Earth is unsafe, because of “forever chemicals.”  (Full Story)