Fun Facts and Strange News

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler…

Fun (and not-so-fun) facts:

– The shortest street in the world is Ebenezer Place in Scotland.  The street is six feet, nine inches long and has one address.


– Half of the U.S. presidents since 1929 have been left-handed:  Herbert HooverHarry TrumanGerald FordGeorge H.W. BushBill Clinton, and Barack Obama.  And Ronald Reagan was ambidextrous.


-Some of the early top casting choices for “Speed” were originally Stephen Baldwin and Ellen DeGeneres.  It would’ve been a very different movie.


– Waffle House owns its own record label called Waffle Records, and its songs are mostly played in their restaurants.


– Almost all of the American flags at Disney World have the wrong number of stars.  That way Disney doesn’t need to perform proper flag protocols and lower all of them every night.

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Strange and trending news:

– Today is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day.  (Full Story)

– A man in India was killed when he put a knife on a rooster’s leg for an illegal cockfight . . . and the rooster slashed him in the groin trying to get away.  The man died from blood loss.  (Full Story)

– Police in the U.K. busted a crack house when the lines of customers outside got so long they drew attention.  (Full Story)

– A writer recently found the exact location of the landscape from the famous Windows XP background.  (Full Story)

– Four people from the U.K. who claimed their trip to a resort in the Canary Islands was ruined by food poisoning were busted for lying by pictures they posted on social media.  They were sentenced to four months in jail.  (Full Story)

– A team of divers in Argentina stole 185 gallons of beer that had been left on the ocean floor to age by three breweries.  (Full Story)

– Two guys in Georgia bought 10 Happy Meals to get the “Pokemon” toys inside, then threw the food on the floor . . . and pulled a shotgun on the employees who confronted them.  (Full Story)

– A guy in Pennsylvania got into a high-speed chase while he had his kids in the car and was pulling a U-Haul trailer.  (Full Story)

– A woman was arrested after she drove onto the sidewalk in Miami, hit a store, almost hit a homeless woman, and then tried to casually walk away.  (Full Story)

– A guy in Virginia was arrested for two DUIs in less than nine hours.  (Full Story)

– The world’s first crayons that work for drawing but are also edible are up for pre-order right now on a crowdfunding site.  (Full Story)

– There’s an invention from a few years ago that’s resurfacing now:  It’s a “tear gun” that captures and freezes your tears, then lets you shoot them at the person who made you cry.  (Full Story)

– A 12-year-old girl in Florida is facing charges for selling stun guns to her classmates at school.  (Full Story)